Episode 2-Teaching Math To Students Who Have Given Up On Learning

Saturday, February 24, 2024

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Episode 2: Teaching Math To Students Who Have Given Up On Learning

In episode 1, I reviewed why I wrote this book and specifically defined the target audience. My original audience was teachers. However, through the development of the book’s outline, it shifted to special needs because I work in alternative education. I teach math to students who are not successful in the traditional setting. My presentations at NCTM and California Math Council for the past years focused on making math learning fun and engaging. It focused on our experience in the classroom. So, it may be helpful to understand that I repeatedly teach high school math to students who have already failed high school math over and over again, which is stupid, right? Not on the students' part but on the administration's part. Something is wrong. Their diagnostic scores of fundamental math skills are consistently below grade 7 levels; many are much lower. I know this for a fact, no guessing because every student is required to complete a diagnostic test for Math and Language Arts. I have used a lot of different platforms, but the best one is from a company called Lets Go Learn, which focuses on Special Education and Get out of Jail free cards that help educators prepare flawless IEP goals and summaries. So, because of the poor K-8 fundamental skills, I found myself trying to design a book to help all K-12 educators.

The original copywriting focused on special needs teachers. In reality, after the book reviews, I discovered that the information in this book was for anyone attempting to teach mathematics, especially those students who have given up on learning. As an alternative education teacher during the past seven years, including COVID-19, social-emotional learning and student motivation have become critical issues. Every teacher has or will have students who have simply given up. I take pride in being a member of an elite group of teachers responsible for rehooking students on learning. I routinely receive 11th graders who have failed all their math courses and must overcome their issues to graduate from high school successfully.

So, I began writing and compiling this because I had been diagnosed with stage 1 cancer. I started this podcast to reach more teachers because not every school has the financial resources to send their teachers to conferences. I have been blessed to be able to go, but I know that the rest of this journey will require me to leave the classroom later this year. I have another call to duty. I have a mission, and for 20 years, I have wanted to change how mathematics is taught. So, with that being said, let’s get to it. First, I highly recommend purchasing my book. This episode will only give you the highlights, so let’s give you reasons to do just that. Later this school year, I will have an online course, but for now, this podcast is the catalyst or spark.

11 Effective Strategies for Teaching Math to Students Who Have Given Up on Learning

Student Engagement Techniques that Motivate Students with Special Needs and Ignite Excitement for Every Student in the Classroom to Be Successful

By Jordan B. Smith Jr. Ed.D.

Motivating teenagers to learn is a tough job… Encouraging them to enjoy math is more complicated than the Riemann Hypothesis!
Math has undoubtedly gotten a bad reputation for being a subject that involves endless calculations and problems that will never be used in the real world, especially now that we all walk around with calculators in our pockets!
But the fact is that math is required in multiple areas of an adult’s life, from preparing recipes to managing finances, and that’s without a career in STEM.
Neurodivergent students have even more of a difficult time with math as it can take more time and effort to understand complex concepts.
At the same time, as students with special needs have significant difficulties with transitions, math is more critical for them to make sense of the world and thrive as adults.
While students have challenges learning and enjoying math, the special needs math teacher faces many obstacles – a severe lack of resources, guidance, and effective teaching strategies.
You have some help, though. In this guide to teaching math to students who need additional support, you will discover the following 11 strategies:

How to create a community classroom where all students feel valued, connected, and safe

21 of the best manipulatives your math classroom needs

How to extrinsically and intrinsically motivate your high school students to study and learn math (Teach them how to become self-directed and life-long learners).

What it takes for students to overcome mistake anxiety, develop a growth mindset, and become confident in the classroom

15 apps to bring technology into the classroom and increase engagement in a way that is natural for students today

Why students need real-world examples in math and how to keep it real with math

Techniques to introduce peer-based learning to change the dynamics of your class

How to implement proven strategies such as CVA and schema-based instruction to improve your math class

Why you need to use the correct math vocabulary, plus a bonus detailed vocabulary list to have handy in class

6 techniques to help your students retain information that doesn’t require hours of traditional studying and revision

A step-by-step guide to creating your lesson plans and where to find the best resources for diverse activities across all math topics
And much more.

As a special needs teacher, your time is already limited. From meetings to paperwork, there is little time left for actual teaching. Do you have time to do more?

These 11 strategies aren’t about doing more. It’s about getting the most out of your students effectively and practically. They will enable students to develop a deep love of math and skills they can take with them for other subjects and into adulthood.
No matter the level of pessimism among your students, "11 Effective Strategies for Teaching Math to Students Who Have Given Up on Learning" equips you with the tools to revitalize your passion for math. Turn your classroom into a dynamic hub of exploration and discovery, and witness the joy of learning rekindled among your students.

If you're ready to transform your math teaching journey and empower every student to succeed, this book adds to your collection of math teaching books. Get ready to witness a renewed enthusiasm for math among your students as they embrace the beauty of numbers with newfound confidence and zest!

Suppose your students need to discover a new love for math, purchase and read this book. If you have students who have given up on learning, you need to buy this book now. Get it on Amazon. It is available in multiple formats. Consider getting the audio version and the ebook or paperback if you have a busy schedule. Next, subscribe to this podcast and join the Facebook Group “Teach, Learn, and Inspire.

That’s enough for today. I suggest that you read Chapter 1 and complete a classroom community plan. Join the Facebook group and share some pictures of your classroom. So, this concludes episode 2. Episode 3 will continue to help you develop that passion for teaching to define your why clearly. Teaching isn't merely a profession; it's a calling—a sacred opportunity to shape hearts and minds, inspire lifelong learners, and ignite the flames of curiosity within our students. Join me as we explore the strategies and techniques for infusing our teaching with purpose and passion.

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